Hey guys!! I am extremely sorry that I have not been blogging the past few MONTHS. I know, horrifying. The worst thing in the world is not impressing my awesome fans, which I probably have NONE. Anyway, I am, or was making a band with my new awesomely, awesome friend Emma. Literally, we are so close that we write abduction letters to each other. In fact, I don’t think any of you guys know what I look like. I wouldn’t want to know, but I don’t know about you. Here’s a picture so my awesome fans (again, I don’t have any) can see a picture of me.IMG_1340

Ha ha. That is funny. I wish I was Pooh. Except, I’m the girl with the freaky face. About, like, 5 years ago. IF only….. Oh, and my brother is the circus clown to the left. Anyhow, let’s get back on topic. So, we were planning on making a band, Emma and me. Until. I found out that getting too involved in music is not a good thing for me. And even if I do, there are restrictions in my religion that won’t allow me to do certain things. So, I have decided to be…. well, I don’t know what you call it, but I will be, kind of , and extra to the band. Anyways, I can’t wait to see how it turns out! OH, and one more thing. If you guys know any middle schooler that lives in Ashburn and plays the drums, please contact us. 🙂 We really need a drummer! Thanks for contributing to our (maybe) success!

School Again

Back to school! Yep, the day I’ve been dreading. I remember the first day, when I was trying to keep track of everything all at the same time! Boy, that was hard. At least all of my teachers are nice and I actually have classes with my friends. One thing I didn’t like though, is the fact that I had to finish a TEST on the first day for homework, and an ESSAY for history on the second day. I mean, I’m in the wrong hallway every time the bell rings for the start of class, and you’re giving me HOMEWORK? I’m sorry, but I had a issue with that. So, right now, I can’t blog that much because I have to finish that ESSAY about what living in America means to me. So, ta ta, and please comment if there were some up and down sides to your classes.

Cousin Vacation: best one ever!

My summer trip was in Bangladesh where this time, I definitely had the time of my life. I might be a little sloppy on the English so don’t mind. I truly know my best friends. My cousins. The thing is, all my life, I’ve wanted friends like in the movies; you know, like Ron and Hermione. The ones that stick with no matter what the circumstances. The ones that you have fights with, talk freely with, and have similarities and differences. I have two older cousins , a boy and a girl, their names being Prithee and Iftee (they are older than me, and I’m not supposed to call them that, but I hope they understand). Then there’s Mysha, who’s only 2 months older than me. Also, there’s the smaller ones, all girls, who are Bushra , Marjia, and Prianka. The vacation was so much fun, even though we went only two places the entire month (blame it on the Monsoons. Not joking. :/) because for the first time in years, ALL my cousins were together. We stayed inside most of the time, but it was still fun. Our daily activities included Karam Board, horror movies, invites, old games, talking (A LOT of it), and the cutest cat that I have ever known that actually warmed up to me (my other cousin in THIS country owned it, and believe me, it did NOT go well. Me and my brother were locked in a room with it while it threatened us.)  The cat didn’t belong to anybody, it just stayed in the garage of our apartment. It recognized us every time we even made a cluck. Soon , it followed me and my older cousins straight upstairs in to our flat. She loved it there! Anyway, if you know Bangladesh, then you know the millions of WellFoods they have there. MMM….Pure Vanilla iced beverages…..could use one right about now. Back on topic. I didn’t have to bring souvenirs, my ear piercing was interesting enough. But what I DID bring is a bag full of Desi chocolates and candy. And if you’re interested…I just might have a few.

Favorite Book

Do you have a favorite book? If you do, then what is it? I have SOOO many favorite books, I don’t even have a favorite book. Every time my friends ask me which book I recommend, I say one book, but suddenly it turns into a million. I drift off into a whole LIST of books that I like or love. When I am finally finished, my friend isn’t there. Half the time that happens because they just finally figured out I was a mental maniac or because I was truly, honestly more frightening than McDonald’s infamous clown. Anyway, I know that none of you will run off and I want to tell you some of my absolute faves. Here’s a list of the top ten. Also, please comment your favorite book down below. 😉

1) School of Good and Evil (it was the best)

2) Because of Mr.Terupt

3) 11 Birthdays

4) Out of My Mind

5) Wonder

6) Pegasus:Flame of Olympus

7) Blood of Olympus

8) Counting by 7’s

9) The One and Only Ivan

10) Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie


Did you ever realize that people sneeze in so many different ways? Me and my family were just talking about it and like, we were all sharing our different stories of people sneezing. Then we got into embarissing moments. Mine is that in math, I tripped over someone’s foot because I was going too fast and splat , just like that, I embarrassed myself horribly in front of the whole class. Then, there was this other time in resource when we had Zone day in English class, and I slipped on the slope with my slippers on, and believe me, that did not go well. My friend Aditi kept giggling, and I couldn’t help laughing myself. Nowadays, I take my clumsy accidents very well, and instead of drooling over the fact the everybody would laugh at me, I just keep it in the back of my mind until I forget about it. My brother is very clumsy too, but he doesn’t care what other people think about him. That’s a good thing I guess, but in my world, it’s impossible. SO, if YOU have a really embarrassing moment, comment it below.

People Appreciation Day!

Now. We get down to the absolute truth. Our parents, relatives, friends, and doctors or clinics work very hard everyday to aid us. Agree or not agree? Well, let’s look at the options.

Parents: They work so so so hard everyday just to help us get food, shelter, clothing, and love. When we are alone, who will keep us company at home? When we are going through though times, who will help guide the way? Sometimes we need to stop and think for a moment about how these people help us out in our everyday life. My mom has health issues and still works 24/7 to make sure we are a happy and healthy family. She sleeps with even if we’re sick and knows she might catch it too. What about my dad? He comes home after a long day of work and spends family time with us everyday. That must be hard, considering they have themselves to worry about.

Relatives: I wouldn’t count siblings as relatives, but I wouldn’t count them as parents either. I have a 10-year old brother who has yet to know the purpose of living is not to play with friends everyday, play video games, and trade gum for Pokémon cards on the school bus. Day after day, I keep wishing I was the only child, but the more I think about it, life would be boring without Irfan at my side. Sure we get into major fights every other second, but what’s the fun without them? As for all my other relatives, they are, like, a part of me. Without amazing relatives that remember your birthday and look at your blog, I would probably be a super super dull person right now. 🙂

Doctors or school clinics: This doesn’t really doesn’t have to do with anything, but believe it or not, school clinics have a tough job. You know that if you’ve seen them in action, and trust me, I have. One time I went, there was a poor girl whose hands were turning blue and some other guy’s inhaler wasn’t working. Then there was yesterday, when I went because my throat was sore and I saw two boys that got a concussion. MAN. The clinic’s job sure is hard, even if she is experienced. And our doctors, well they are more experienced, but if there were no doctors in the world, half of Earth’s population would be dead. So, doctors, we owe you guys our life.

Here’s a short poem I wrote for my appreciation. Oh, and if you want to share you appreciation, just give this poem to your doctor, clinic, parents, etc.

What is a loved one?

A loved one is someone you care about, blood or not.

A perfect piece of knowledge and thought.

Someone who looks after you, carrying you from streets to shops.

A teacher which greets you everyday, or doctor to help welcome your stay.

Perhaps a parent which makes you dinner without using nonstick spray, or a sibling which gives your gum away.

Either way, they are still you loved ones, okay?




Well, today was a very exciting day for me! Yeah, I woke up at 11 on a weekday (shocking) to go to the Baltimore Convention Center. I’m muslim, and every year, there is a program called ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America), and it’s for muslims all over the world. This year, it was my first year going, and in the beginning, I wasn’t very happy going through a two hour lecture when I could be sleeping or listening to music, but in the end, I wanted to stay longer. Yeah, can you guess where I am right now? Well, I’m at my aunt’s house in Baltimore writing about the very event at 12 o’clock at night. WOW……Some use of my time. Let me explain how the ICNA works… Okay, imagine your fave pop star or rock star or celebrity, but just a little more religious and serious up on stage. It was like that for me; my fave religious public speaker up on stage and in REAL LIFE, not on a stinkin’ screen. I went crazy. My favorite public speaker is Ustad Nouman Ali Khan, and there he was! I would’ve started jumping up and down, but I held back. Also, if you ever went to the big science fair in Washington, then let me tell you that ICNA is exactly like that. There was shops, rock climbing, moon bounce, lectures, food, and more. I loved it!

Reading Since a Seedling

Reading Since a Seedling



We all know that there is different people in this world: some love reading, some don’t. I, myself, am on the LOVE READING side. If you read my post called That was the Best Part, then you know how the “cycle” goes. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t like books. I would probably be in some mediocre school obsessing over how I should have chosen more wisely about my choice of books. Yeah, because believe it or not, everyone has a point in their lives that shouted “I DO NOT LIKE BOOKS”.

Okay, let’s start with the book-haters, so we can prove Taylor Swift wrong. The haters are NOT going to hate. Anyway, I would love to know why you guys don’t like books so much; and don’t feel bad because I felt the same exact way once. When I didn’t like books AT ALL (I thought they were a waste of time), I just spent my time playing video games like Minecraft, and I’m still obsessed with it. But suddenly, one book just turned my whole world upside down. I was suddenly in love with books, and couldn’t stop reading. My vocabulary was rising like some super active volcano, and I finally wasn’t failing English. Maybe the same thing could happen to you; you never know when you’re going through “the RPhase” (reading phase).

Now for the super readers. Are you ready to hear what I have to say? AMAZING JOB! Please comment and tell me HOW you became a super reader! I think we’re already becoming best friends. I love reading very much. But I keep running out of time and sleep. All that late-night reading has taken its toll. But we all know that as much as we don’t have time, the reading sticks. What book are you currently reading? I’m reading Catching Fire, which is really good so far. Please continue reading for the rest of your life and I assure you will not fail your SATs. 🙂

Well, haters and super readers, I cannot just state my opinion. I will give you some facts to satisfy you if you like. I kind of did some research. Before that  though, I want you to read this great story about how a boy’s life changed with reading. Here’s the link. Anyway, one site said that reading increases your vocab status (we already know that), improves your communication skills because you have more words that you know to describe what you are saying, it enhances your ability to focus, and boosts your memory. Also, here’s a fun fact: A lot of famous people have read a lot within their famous lives. Here’s a couple: Steve Jobs, who was a fan of William Blake’s literary pieces, Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, and Winston Churchill, who was given a Nobel Prize for reading. Remember, it doesn’t matter whether you are a super reader or a hater; it all comes down to your trying and passion.

Okay everyone, here’s the quiz: (answer by commenting)

  • Are you a hater or a super reader?
  • What book are you reading now?
  • If you are a super reader, then how did it all begin?
  • What fact affected you the most?